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About the Flickr Suite

flickrsuitelogo128 Flickr suite for Joomla!

the most profound flickr experience for your Joomla! website!


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Browsable photo pages

The first flickr component for Joomla! to support multi-level collections, allowing you to display your photos in a organised and elegant way, just like you have organised them on flickr.

Mobile ready

Comes with a responsive thumbnail grid that seemlessly matches the responsive design of your website. Also detects the device type to serve either desktop or mobile image viewer.

All your photos

The authenticated calls to the Flickr API allow you to access all your photos on your flickr account. Even the ones you have set to private, frriends and/or family or are labeled restricted.  

J2.5 & J3.1 compatible

Nothing is more frustrating than waiting on a page to load. The Flickr Suite Component is optimized for fast page loading to give your site visitor a fluent user experience. 



Although the Flickr Extensions seemlessly interact and share resources, they can be used stand alone on a joomla site without any problem.

All Flickr goodness

Display collections, sets, photos, videos, a user or group stream? Or rather create custom selections, using 30+ search parameters? The Flickr Suite supports it!




The extensions

The Flickr Suite is a set of Joomla extension to integrate flickr on your joomla website and covers all the display options of Joomla (component, contentplugin, module). Although the Flickr Extensions seemlessly interact and share resources, they can be used stand alone on a joomla site without any problem.


flickrsuitelogo32  Component

Dedicated browsable photo pages, the heart of the flickr suite. Perfect solution to display large amount of photos in a browsable structure... Just like you have organised them on Flickr!

flickrsuitelogo32  Content plugin

Versatile content plugin to display photos in articles. The simple yet powerful expression syntax gives you extended control on how to display your photos and which photos to display. Seemlessly integrates with the Flickr Suite Component.

flickrsuitelogo32  Camera Slider Module

The elegant camera slider is now available to display your flickr photos on your Joomla websites. As a responsive and adaptive module, With loads of effects combinations and settings you have plenty of options to tweak the behaviour of the module.  

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A quick comparisson of the extensions


  Content plugin Modules
Purpose photos in articles module slider photo directory
Flickr media      
photos check20-15 check20-15 check20-15
videos check20-15    
Flickr selections      
sets check20-15 check20-15 check20-15
sets overview     check20-15
collections     check20-15
collection tree     check20-15
user stream check20-15 check20-15 check20-15
group stream check20-15 check20-15 check20-15
flickr galleries check20-15   check20-15
Custom photo selections check20-15 (tags only) check20-15 (30+ parameters)
check20-15 (30+ parameters) 
Access to all your photos check20-15 check20-15 check20-15
Standard Flickr Privacy options check20-15 check20-15 check20-15
Extended privacy options     check20-15
Media info
Geo location (coördinates + map) check20-15   check20-15
Date taken check20-15   check20-15
Date uploaded (to flickr) check20-15   check20-15
Flickr photo owner name check20-15   check20-15
 Built-in pagination     check20-15
 Multi-level organisation structure      check20-15
Suited for sets overviews     check20-15
Cache check20-15 check20-15  check20-15
High performance cache     check20-15
Installation & Configuration      
Easy install check20-15 check20-15 check20-15
Easy configuration check20-15 check20-15 check20-15


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