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Show or hide content based on over 25 conditions!
A simple short-code with an easy to remember syntax allows you to show or hide parts of your content to Joomla users or Joomla user groups..
Control access anywhere!
Filters content everywhere in the page and thus does work for every extension that allows you to enter text. Whether it is a Joomla article, module or a 3rd party extension... as long as you can enter the short-codes, you can control access for content.
Compatible with most extensions
The content Access filter is compatible with most 3rd party Joomla! extensions.
Server side filtering: No access = no access
The plugin filters the content on the server, so if content is supposed to be hidden from a user, then the plugin removes the content from the page just before the page is send to the user's browser. So the content won't even be visible when the user looks at the html source code.
Easy to use
The plugin works with very intuitive short codes, so you will have no problem remembering how to use the plugin. Rather have the short codes in your own language? You can change every short code attribute to something that better suits your needs!
Custom conditions
Define your own conditions. Although the Content Access Filter has over 25 conditions to choose from, it can be that the one you need is not included. No problems, within the interface of the Content Access Filter you can define your own conditions. .



Showing part of your content to only some users is easy with the Content Access Filter. Whether it is a button, a link, an image, text or some other content, simply encapsulate it with the short-codes as shown in the examples and the plugin will do the rest. It works with virtually any Joomla or 3rd party extension content as long as you can enter the short codes.

Rather have the short-codes in your own language? You can change the words used in the short-codes syntax (like show, hide, user, group to whatever you like in the plugin settings.

{show group="group1, group2"}
This will only be shown to users belonging to group1 or group2
{show location="NL" and (from="2014-04-12" or user="jasper")}
your content here





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