Album overviews and collections
Organise how to display your albums and which albums to display. Supports Flickr's hidden gem to display nested albums: Collections! Rather display just a big list of albums? No worries! The Flickr Suite component has you covered.
Custom selections
Create custom selections with over 30 parameters to choose from, including tags, keywords, users, groups and geo locations.
Access to all your photos
The extensions authenticate to your flickr account. Allowing you to display all your photos. Even the ones you have set to "private".
ACL protected downloads
Let only the user you select download the photos by using Joomla the Access Control List feature.
The Flickr Suite extensions feature a dynamic thumbnail grid that adjusts the size of the thumbnails based on the available space for the thumbnails. Furthermore, it automatically switches between a desktop and a mobile image viewer based on the device type it detects.
Boosting performance
The Flickr Suite Component comes with an extended cache that stores content about all the photos on your flickr account (not the photos themselves), alowing it to display the photos faster compared to the light weight cache of the plugin and the module and much faster compared to getting the information from the Flickr API. It also makes sure that if the Flickr API is down, your photos will be still up on your website!



Displaying one big list of albums soon becomes a big maze in which it is hard to find anything. Flickr has a solution for that and the Flickr Suite Component brings that solution to your Joomla Website. Collections are flickr's way of creating an album tree. With collections, you create a layered directory-like structure that organizes your albums. Organize your collections and albums on Flickr and the Flickr Suite displays them in the exact same order as on flickr. You can display the collections and albums from any collection level you want. This way it becomes very easy to control which flickr albums to display on your website.
flickr collections


Content plugin

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Displaying an album is as easy as adding the following to your article:

{flickr album=72157627383502935}

Where 72157627383502935 is the album id extracted from the flickr album url. The result is displayed on the left. However, the plugin is far more powerful than just showing albums.

Check the elaborate demo below for more examples.



Looking for a versatile responsive slider to display your flickr photos on your Joomla website? Look no further! The highly customizable module displays albums or custom selections (based on the 30+ search parameters). Like with all Flickr Suite extensions, you can access al your photos, even the ones you have set to private or are labeled restricted. the slider is also quite usable in a side column like displayed on the right. Clicking on the photo will namely open the photo in the image viewer.

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  Content plugin Module
Purpose photos in articles module slider photo directory
Joomla version compatibility 3 3 3
Flickr media Content plugin Module Component
Display methods Content plugin Module Component
Single photo      
Thumbnail grid      
Flickr selections Content plugin Module Component
Albums overview
Collections (Flickr Album tree)
User stream
Group stream
Flickr galleries
Custom photo selections (limited options) (30+ parameters) (30+ parameters)
Access Content plugin Module  Component
Access to private Photos on your flickr account
Privacy filters
Joomla ACL protected download function
Media info
Content plugin Module Component
Geo location (coördinates + map)
Date taken
Date uploaded (to flickr)
Flickr photo owner name
Performance Content plugin Module Component
High performance cache
  Content plugin Module Component
Demo Demo Demo Demo



Extension User guide
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