Versatile Twitter Module



Featuring the most used twitter widget
The Twitter widget module features the official Twitter widget from Twitter itself.
All the feeds in one module
We did our best to make the module as versatile as possible. Hence the module features every feed that Twitter offers: Profile feeds, Search feeds, Favorites feeds and List feeds.
Highly configurable
Allows you to tweak all the options twitter build in to the widget..



The Twitter widget module is a versatile and full featured Twitter module. The module is based on the official Twitter Widget and unleashes all the features of this widget, including displaying of Profile tweets, Search, Favorites (Faves), Lists. Futhermore, the module allows you to tweak all customization options of the official Twitter widget. But best of all... it's on the house!! Free!!

A demo of the module is displayed on the right. (Or on some mobile devices below.)

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